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2019 Natural Capital Symposium

Planning the Urban Ecosystem

March 18, 2019 - 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Driver Circuit Led Chaser Electronic Design Abstract: Cities need healthy urban nature for long-term sustainability and well-being of their inhabitants. In this session different perspectives on the role of natural capital in planning sustainable cities will be presented. Short talks by researchers and practitioners explore the roles of urban nature in cities around the world, as well as the roles of city dwellers to maintain and enhance urban nature. Talks will be followed by an interactive discussion with presenters and the audience, in which research frontiers and best practices for designing and redesigning the social-ecological system of cities of today and tomorrow.

Moderator: Roy Remme, Natural Capital Project, Stanford University

Featured speakers include:
  • Catherine Martineau, Canopy
  • Baolong Han, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
  • Raffaele Lafortezza, University of Hong Kong
  • Eric Lonsdorf, University of Minnesota
  • Davide Geneletti, University of Trento
Session Track: 
New Frontiers